kik TEXTILE Anti-insect

kik TEXTILE Anti-insect is suitable for all types of textiles and provides reliable protection against insects for up to 6 weeks. For impregnating clothing, tents, curtains, mosquito nets, etc.

Special advantages:

  • especially recommended for trips to tropical regions
  • suitable for children of 2 years and older
  • ideal to take with you – fits perfectly into hand luggage

Shake before use. For optimum impregnation, spray textiles evenly from a distance of 20 cm. Allow impregnated clothing to dry for 24 hours before wearing. Works immediately. 100 ml is sufficient for approx. 5 m² (5-10 garments). The effectiveness remains after washing with water (2-3 washes). Especially recommended for areas with mosquitoes that can transmit tropical diseases (dengue, chikungunya fever, zika virus, malaria).

Do not apply directly to humans and animals. Do not use on children’s clothing under two years of age.
Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Active ingredient:
Permethrin 4 g/100 g, piperonyl butoxide 0,2 g/100 g, geraniol 0,09 g/100 g

100 ml
250 ml

Item no.:
48483 (100 ml)
48482 (250 ml)