As soon as the nights get milder and the temperatures are rising, the biting pests are back. Mosquitoes and ticks make our lives hard.

As the bloodsuckers need blood for their reproduction, they bite us humans and leave an itching puncture behind. But as this isn’t enough, mosquitoes and ticks are also carriers of dangerous diseases. The most important diseases carried on by mosquitoes are malaria, yellow fever, dengue-fever and illnesses caused by the West Nile Virus. The best know diseases caused by ticks are lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

But don’t worry: you can still enjoy the summer with these pests – thanks to kik STRONG. On the basis of the extremely effective active ingredient N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET), kik STRONG reliably protects you against unpleasant insect bites for an average of 10 hours.

kik STRONG has been available on the swiss market for more than 70 years. kik STRONG is a quality product developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The kik NATURE, SENSITIVE and FOR KIDS products are also being produced in Switzerland.

How do I use kik Anti-insect or Anti-tick correctly?

Always apply insect repellent evenly and completely according to the instructions for use, as insects can detect the smallest untreated area of skin.
Always apply kik Anti-mosquito or Anti-tick at last, after sun cream and cosmetics. It may make sense to use the product under thin clothing, as mosquitoes may otherwise sting through them.
Apply again after swimming as kik Anti-mosquito or Anti-tick is not waterproof. Strong sweating or high humidity can shorten the duration of action. Re-apply if necessary.

Is kik suitable for kids?

The kik FOR KIDS Anti-insect is specially designed for children and is suitable for delicate children’s skin. It protects up to 4 hours against mosquitoes and 3 hours against ticks. The lotion with aloe vera has a nourishing and moisturising effect. kik NATURE and kik SENSITIVE are also suitable for children from 1 year of age.

Can I use kik STRONG if I got sunburnt?

No, as sun burned skin must heal first before cosmetic products are applied to the skin. In this case we recommend to protect the damaged skin with clothes.

How do I remove a tick?

Place the kik AFTER BITE Tick tweezer underneath the tick, apply as close as possible to the skin, grab the tick on the mouth parts and then remove with light, continuous pulling.

Why must a tick be removed as early as possible?

The ticks are to be removed as early as possible as they can transmit diseases. The most important ones are the pathogens of lyme disease (bacteria) and tick-borne encephalitis (viruses).

  • The longer the suction lasts, the more likely is a transmission of pathogens.
  • On average, an infection with Lyme disease bacteria takes 12-24 hours.
  • The transmission of TBE viruses, however, begins immediately after the tick bite.
How do I protect myself from ticks?
  • Application of an effective Tick Repellent (e.g. kik NATURE Anti-tick)
  • Wear solid shoes and body-covering, fitting clothes.
  • Avoid bushes, high gras and shrubs
  • Systematically search your body for ticks after a stay outdoors.