kik AFTER BITE Tick tweezer

The kik AFTER BITE Tick tweezer enables an easy, safe and painless tick removal from humans and animals.

Special advantages:

  • easy to use, no tools required
  • suitable for humans and animals
  • removes ticks of any size

Put the tick tweezers under the tick, as close as possible to the skin, grab the tick at the mouth parts and then remove it with light, continuous pulling. Caution: Do not use any other aids, especially oil or similar. Do not exert pressure on the tick. Do not turn, only pull! After treatment: Don’t worry if the tick head is still in the wound, the body will repel it by itself after a few days. Keep the tick in a labelled box with the date of the sting for later analysis. After the removal of the tick, clean the area of the bite with wound disinfectant and disinfect the hands. Observe the bite in the following weeks. If flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache or aching limbs occur up to six weeks after the tick bite, consult a doctor.

1 pce.

Item no.: 48499