How do I protect myself from mosquitoes?

There are certain times during the day when mosquitoes like to hunt: always during dusk and dawn. Therefore, pay particularly attention to effective protection during the morning and the evening, e. g. with kik STRONG Anti-insect.

Wear long and bright clothes (Mosquitoes prefer dark colours). As mosquitoes are even able to bite through thin fabric, Jeans are especially recommended and of course also socks! It is recommended to use a Mosquito Repellent (e. g. kik NATURE Anti-insect) while wearing thin fabrics.

If you are often disturbed during your sleep, use a mosquito net for your bed. Make sure to stuff the bottom net hem under the mattress. Like this you are protected all around. As an alternative to the mosquito net, you can use a mosquito stop evaporator (e. g. the Neocid EXPERT Mosquito-stop combination vaporiser).

Mosquito screens on windows and doors keep the unpleasant visitors out. Should you not have a screen: ventilate during the day and close the windows at dusk – especially before you turn on the lights in your room.